Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Zero Calorie Coffee 0% calorie Sugar Natural Sweetener

Introducing Nisvia, made from 100% pure Stevia Rebaudiana plant extract. Nisvia is pure stevia sweetener, all natural & best sugar alternative for diabetics. HACCP & Kosher certified.
Buy online only RM38 per bottle (postage RM6)


Buy 3 bottles for only RM 100 - free postage !!

Nisvia – An all natural sweetener of the future generation, 100% pure stevia extract from Stevia Rebaudiana species.

100% Pure Stevia Extract

0% Carbohydrates
0% Fat
0% Protein
0% Calories

RM 38 Per bottle

 Stevia is one of the most health restoring plant on earth. It is a small green plant bearing leaves which have a delicious and refreshing taste that can be 30 times sweeter than sugar. Various studies have found the leaf to contain numerous health benefits. Among them :

1. Effectively regulates blood sugar to normal balance
2. Increase energy levels & mental acuity
3. Lower elevated blood pressure
4. Aid in weight loss & weight management
5. Sooth upset stomach
6. Tumor reduction
7. Quicker recovery from minor illnesses
8. Ideal for diabetics & hypoglycemics
9. Inhibits the growth and reproduction of some bacteria & other infectious organisms, including the bacteria which caused tooth decay & gum diseases

Introducing Zero Calorie Coffee.....

RM 25 for 20 packets (postage RM 6)

RM 25 per 20 packets

Kosher Certified

The Star-K symbol serves as a guarantee that this product not only meet kosher standards, but it is also of the highest quality.

HACCP Certified

HACCP means Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point. Food safety and public health agencies recognize HACCP as the preferred tool for food safety assurance and improving regulatory food standards.

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