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How to recognize your child hidden talents.... Gifted Children ?


i found this article in babycentre.....
i guess nearly all moms are curious whether thier childrens has any hidden talents that we are unable to spot...
this is a good article for you to read...
how ....we , the mothers and fathers.... to detect the talents...
don't let them go to waste.... nuture them while they're still young...
who knows... your child might be the next president..... huhuhu....
 happy reading...
is your child gifted?

Some kids' gifts are on display for the world to see. Other children may have hidden talents that masquerade as chattiness, daydreaming, high energy, or even misbehavior.
Below, experts on gifted children tell you how to read the clues to your child's hidden talents and offer advice on how to help her blossom.

Your child loves to sort objects .. ....

She pairs up socks, lines up toy cars, or groups items by color, size, or shape. She may also like things to be organized and orderly.
What it may mean: Your child is probably what's known as an auditory sequential learner, meaning she is an analytical thinker, is well organized, and pays attention to details. She may be looking for patterns, often an early indicator of aptitude in math and science, says Linda Powers Leviton, an expert in gifted education.

Your child talks nonstop......

Your chatty kid may have an advanced vocabulary, concoct elaborate stories, and make few grammatical or pronunciation errors, says Judy Galbraith, author of You Know Your Child Is Gifted When… She may also talk very fast and often doesn't stop until she's asleep. She wants to have the last word and may attempt to wear you down with her arguments.
What it may mean: Verbal proficiency can be an early sign of a gifted kid. It's also key to success in school and many other aspects of life. Kids with the gift of persuasion may someday choose professions such as law or journalism.

Your child fiddles with everything

She's compelled to explore how things work – she likes to fiddle with buttons and switches. She may pull something apart and then try to figure out how to put it back together. She enjoys building towers with blocks and is fascinated by machines.
What it may mean: Your child is probably a visual-spatial learner. A child who enjoys tinkering may be a future mechanic, engineer, architect, inventor, or scientist. Or she may design anything from a better mousetrap to a state-of-the-art laptop.

Your child is a daydreamer

She may seem to be off in her own world communing with the pixies. She may enjoy pretend play, spend free time painting, and have lots of ideas to share. She may use things in new and unusual ways (such as shoveling with a shoe or storing things in it), be open to zany ideas, and think of creative ways to solve problems.
What it may mean: Your little visionary may seem unfocused but probably spends her time dreaming up big ideas. This kind of behavior often indicates a strong creative streak, a telltale sign of giftedness. Everyday life may seem boring to this imaginative thinker, who may escape into fantasy and have a tough time separating what's real from what's not.
Down the road, your child may pursue creative vocations like artist, actor, writer, filmmaker, or fashion or interior designer. Or she may make use of her think-outside-the-box brain and problem-solving skills in innovative ways in the arts or sciences.

Your child loves to solve puzzles

She adores puzzles of any kind – jigsaws, a round of "I Spy," riddles, or a mystery story. When solving jigsaws, she's less likely to use trial and error and more likely to place a piece where it belongs on or near her first attempt.
What it may mean: The puzzle master may be a visual-spatial learner. She's likely to think in images and put her talents to use by taking in the whole picture. Down the track she may make a good detective, archeologist, or research scientist.

Your kid is a take-charge type

Your child has strong opinions about how things should be done. She likes to call the shots with games, dramatic play, and most everything else.
What it may mean: This bossy boots may be a natural-born leader, which will serve her well in school, sports, and many other aspects of life. A take-charge child may inspire others, see conflicts from different perspectives, and bring out the best in a team, says Powers Leviton. In the future? Leadership is especially valued in business, politics, community organizing, and mediation.

Your child can't keep still

She likes to do everything on the go – or at least standing up. She enjoys anything where movement is the name of the game.
What it may mean: She's likely what's known as a bodily-kinesthetic or physical learner, who absorbs information and is most engaged when activities involve action and movement.
She may take to sports, dance, or music and may have advanced fine-motor skills. She may gravitate toward jobs that aren't deskbound, such as teacher or park ranger. Or she may use her superior hand skills as a chef.

the rest of the article can be read by clicking this link.....

i love this article.... very handy too..


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